How it Works

We’ll be honest, applying for life insurance is quite a process…so buckle up!


1. Your Quote

First, we put together an estimate of the cost and amount of insurance you’ll need. This is based on your age, gender, smoking status, income, net worth (anything you own minus anything you owe), and which life insurance company has the best product for you at this time.


2. Your Application

Once you’ve seen the quote, we’ll do an application for you.

The life insurance companies want to know all about you – where you work, how much you make, your family medical history, what you smoke. Prepare to share!

The application takes 20-30 minutes, and can be done on the phone or in person. You’ll answer a lot of questions and sign off on a lot of documents. Your signature now only means that you’re asking them to consider you. It’s not a commitment (yet).


3. More Requirements

The insurance company might also ask for your driving record, a report from your doctor, and even a blood and urine sample (they really want to know if you’re being honest!).

They may also call you to ask more questions (usually health and lifestyle related), or to verify the details of your application.

If you do any “high risk” activities (skydiving, backcountry skiing, lawn bowling…kidding!), there may be additional forms for you to fill out and sign.


4. Your Offer

Once the insurance company has reviewed everything, they’ll make you an actual offer of insurance. They could say that you’re a “standard risk” (aka average/boring in their eyes) or they might give you a “risk rating.”

If you’re a standard risk, the quote we created should be accurate. If you’re given a risk rating, we’ll need to re-work the numbers. This usually means there’s something about your health or lifestyle the insurance company is worried about (must be the lawn bowling), and they want you to pay them more to insure that additional risk.

Sometimes when you get a “risk rating” we’ll recommend re-applying with another insurance company, because they don’t all make risk assessments the same way.


5. Accepting Your Offer

Once you have your offer, you can make it official by signing on the dotted line. This is when your insurance policy officially becomes a contract. Congrats! You now have life insurance.


Now What?

Don’t worry, we don’t just leave you here. We’ll check in with you at least once a year to review your policy and send you an annual statement.

We want to make sure your life insurance continues to meet your needs over time. If your health, wealth, or lifestyle changes dramatically, please let us know. We also monitor what products are available and may contact you if we find something that could better suit your needs.


How do I get started?

Great question. If you’re ready to request a quote: