Our Team

We Work Together and We Work for You

Meet our team of all-stars (in our humble and unbiased opinion)


Ross Allan

Insurance Advisor

A true insurance specialist, Ross is the original Allan in Allan Financial. For over 35 years, he’s been innovating to create the best offering for his clients.

He’s known for his creativity, commitment to community, support of his team, and of course his sense of humour. If you think life insurance is boring…you haven’t met Ross.


Danielle (Allan) Kanengoni

Vice President
Insurance Advisor

A second-generation business leader, Danielle’s technical grit and hard-earned financial acumen drive the family business forward.

Dan pushes for positive change, whether it’s advocating for young women in this old-school industry, decreasing the company’s carbon footprint, or founding social ventures like the Kiva Project. She is the embodiment of process with heart.


Holly Graff

Managing Director

Holly is a collaborative leader who can galvanize business and grassroots community like no other. Often working behind the scenes (don’t let this fool you!), she manages our team and shapes our company strategy and communications.

Holl has thrived in multiple careers across several industries. Her holistic mindset and diverse range of skills are valuable assets to the team.


Chriselle Kalaw

Director Of Insurance Design
Insurance Advisor

Chriselle lights up over numbers and makes insurance design look like art. Her market knowledge and rich understanding of product, tax, and trends keep things cutting edge.

CK is part of a new generation of international, tech-smart women bringing fresh and strong ideas to the industry.


Rachel Rogers

Director Of Client Service
Insurance Advisor

Rachel is a relationship driven problem-solver. Her tenacity and follow-through make her an invaluable team player.

Rach tends to our clients’ policy service needs and proactively initiates solutions. She softens the edges of insurance administration, keeping clients happy and the process as painless as possible.


Hardeep Arreaga

Director Of Underwriting

Hardeep’s empathy and professionalism have been at the heart of 15 years of success on our team. She is a deep listener and clear communicator, keeping close and confidential with clients, medical offices, advisors, and underwriters.

Deeps keeps the underwriting of our clients’ policies moving forward, befriending anyone in her path with her killer smile.


Kal Sangha

Senior Underwriter

Kal helped build Allan Financial from the ground up. Ross hired her as our first employee, “until either the work or the money runs out.”

Decades later, Kal’s long-standing relationships with clients, underwriters, and advisors mean a whole lot. She has witnessed many changes in this industry and goes to bat for clients with a profound understanding of context.


Katie Erickson

Account Manager

Katie’s transition to the account manager role is a natural fit as she’s been a compass for clients and advisors for years. Her affinity for detail and peaceful demeanour make her a strong and grounding presence.

Katie knows how to dance in the moment you can count on her to ensure everything’s in the right place at the right time.


Jill Sharpe

Client Service Associate

Jill is a total team player, always keen to tackle whatever it takes to get the job done. She keeps our clients at the forefront while navigating the complexities of our internal process.

With her organizational and communication skills, you can rest assured that Jill’s got you covered and will keep you in the loop.