The Allan Financial team is kick-starting an exciting partnership with a micro lending organization called Kiva!

We’re lending $25,000 through Kiva, who will distribute it to entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. Our loans will empower men and women to start new enterprises and expand their businesses, which translates to an improved quality of life for their communities.

The Allan Financial Kiva Project is another way we measure the bottom line beyond dollars earned – it’s about the lives that we touch, here and around the world. We’re passionate about helping you Enjoy Your Life. The Allan Financial/Kiva Project is all about helping others to enjoy their lives, too.

It feels good. Join our team and you’ll see. You don’t want to miss the party to celebrate our collective impact!

Why Kiva? Good question.

Kiva is the leader in global micro finance. Check it out: Endorsed by the Clinton Foundation, Oprah and now James Ross Allan ? – they’ve set a gold standard for innovation, accountability and transparency.

It’s financial services as they should be. It’s an approach we believe in and admire.

Interested? You can choose to lend with one of four teams representing East Asia, the Middle East, Africa or South America! Feel free to get in touch for more information.

For more information, please contact us.