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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Something to Celebrate

Thanks to our community, more than 3,000 women in over 35 countries have been empowered to grow their businesses, care for their families and invest in their communities.

Our Difference Makes a Difference

Meet Casey and Rich, a couple who have created a plan for retirement and are building an investment inside their life insurance policy.

15 Years of Kiva

Kiva just turned 15 and featured the AF Kiva Project as one of their stories of impact from around the world!

AF Family, Meet Jessie!

If you haven’t met her yet, Jessie is the first friendly face you’ll see when you walk in to AF. We can’t wait for you to meet!

Continuity of Operations during COVID-19

A number of our core values are being put to good use at this time – leading with heart, being thoughtfully driven to do more, and stretching to change.

Giving Globally and Locally: Introducing Kiva 250

It’ll be a close call, but with your help, we can celebrate loaning one million dollars through Kiva in 2020.

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Kiva is Celebrating the Big Billion!

This month, Kiva celebrated hitting 1 billion dollars in micro-loans to women across the Global South. And we at AF are celebrating that over $800,000 of that billion was lent by our community!

Our Favourite Day of the Year!

What do you get when you combine a parade, with a field of free range kids and dogs, live music and a beer garden? Bowfest!

Like Family

What’s changed around here in 25 years?

Next Steps

We are thrilled to announce that Rachel Rogers is a Licensed Life Insurance broker at Allan Financial.

Words on Words

We are always growing and stretching into change.

AF Gets Sporty

This month the AF team has been gearing up to participate in the annual Motionball of Sport tournament on June 1st, which raises funds and awareness for Special Olympics Canada.

We have lots of exciting news at Allan Financial to share with you!

We continue to grow and change here.

More Than Life Insurance

You’d never guess what one of our clients is now able to buy because of the investment aspect of her policy..

Let’s Make International Women’s Day Count

International Women’s Day feels different this year to me than it has before…

Who Knew?

When we partnered with Kiva 3 years ago, our initial goal was to create $250,000 in small loans to women around the world. We never imagined what was possible …

Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wait, charitable giving can be “smart finance”?

It may seem counterintuitive to say that giving away money can make smart financial sense, but we’ve found that to be exactly the case…

Nothing can dampen community spirit!

We have roots on Bowen Island, and every year participate in the annual end of summer festival “Bowfest”…

Kiva Loans Are More Than Just Money

Together we’ve raised $612,245 in small business loans! Hear the story of how 23-year-old Rwandan, Jean Bosco, used a Kiva loan to start his own biofuel business…

Building for the Future

It’s hard starting out today, especially in the Lower Mainland, but having good people in your corner is key…

A Family Business – Featured in the Globe & Mail

The Future of Allan Financial is Bright. An interview with Ross & Danielle in the Globe & Mail…

Feeling Safe

Ensuring our clients feel comfortable and safe in every growth phase of their life is what it’s all about for us…

We Answer Some Common Questions About Life Insurance

There are certain questions we hear a lot when folks are interested in life insurance…

Making Dreams Come True

We love hearing about the dreams and goals that we’ve enabled our clients to reach…

A Throwback to Last Year and Forum Magazine

It’s a throwback to last year when Ross, Danielle, and Chriselle were on the cover of our industry publication!

More Than Life Insurance

You’d never guess what one of our clients is now able to buy because of the investment aspect of her policy..

Happy Holidays From Our Family

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Major Milestone on the Kiva Project

Together we’ve raised $567,621! Thanks so much to all of our generous lenders…

Concrete Caring

For any team, giving should be a shared value. One that shakes things up, injects passion and purpose into our workplace and transforms our understanding…

Life Insurance is no laughing matter

Life Insurance can feel scary so the last thing you might expect to see are our clients having a blast.

Ross is Sleeping on the Street on November 16!

On November 16th Ross will be sleeping outside on the cold Vancouver pavement…

Happy Friday with Paperclip Law

Many thanks to Elizabeth Mah of Paperclip Law who presented at our Happy Friday event about upcoming changes in the law and how that may affect small businesses.

Hold My Avocado: Life Lessons from a Millennial

Recently, I was recognized by my alma mater, Island Pacific School, for my work on the Allan Financial Kiva Project…

The Madness of the Real-Estate Market

The real estate surge in Vancouver continues to push families to purchase their homes, condos and even live/work spaces in surrounding communities in Squamish, Bowen Island, and the Sunshine Coast…

We Got This – You Can Too

While Allan Financial has been in business since 1984, we owe much of our longevity to not only all of our amazing clients who have stayed with us since the very beginning but equally to our responsiveness to change.

Bowen in the News!

We’re pretty pleased, and honestly, a bit amazed, to have such a high profile feature. We hope you enjoy seeing a bit of a behind-the-scenes view of Allan Financial…

The Faces of Our Future

Why would some of our millennial staff sleep out on the streets of Vancouver with just a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard?


At the end of last year, we made a strategic decision to become a more independent life insurance advisory firm. Hear what this means for you as our client.

Season’s Greetings!

An Update on the Kiva Project

Check out the latest update on our Kiva project…

A Small Part of Something So Big and Meaningful

The 2010 Haiti earthquake destroyed Sandra’s shop, but thanks to a $8,000 loan…

Holly’s a true enigma

Let’s face it. When she leaves a room the question lingering is …who is that woman? What’s her deal?

Longevity and Relationships

“You are known by the company you keep.”

We Give and We Receive

We were thrilled when last week in Toronto at the 2016 Wealth Professional Awards we received the Best Practice Individual Office award. It was great – a big fancy award show and ceremony with all the attendant bells and whistles. And we won!

The Project That Changed Us

A couple of years ago, when we first announced that we were partnering with Kiva, we never could have imagined the outcome…

A Canada Life Profile of Allan Financial

We were fortunate to have one of our long term relationships – 25 years with Canada Life Insurance – highlight us in this video for their network.

From Spiders to Spreadsheets: Meet Megan!

A familiar face for you Bowen Islanders, Megan joins our team after earning her Masters degree in behavioural neuroscience and ecology…


Buying life insurance is often the last thing on everyone’s to do list…

An Update on the Kiva Project

Check out the latest update on our Kiva project…

A Transparency Trend

Social Media, returning texts for appointments, a paperless office, Salesforce on mobile devices…we’ve made bold changes at Allan Financial…

Holiday Cheers to our Newest Team Members: Dania and Holly!

We raise a glass to two new team members that have arrived to champion analysis and client care…

An Update on the Kiva Project

Check out the latest update on our Kiva project…

It’s About Trust

With life insurance, business is personal. The disclosure process shines light into all corners of our lives…

The Debt Worth Client

Sometimes Canadians in other parts of the country don’t get Vancouverites…


Buying life insurance brings out the skeptic in most of us…

Insurance Community?

We’ve been lucky to serve many families for, believe it or not, decades…

Old School Insurance Ain’t Gonna Wash

Out with the old and in with the new ways of work…

It’s Rewarding When…

The very personal side of life insurance for Ross Allan…

Playoff Hockey

In his Scottish best, Ross Allan gives some colour-commentary on the state of the insurance game today…

Business on Bowen Island

Ross Allan impersonates his friends, neighbours and clients… can you spot yourself?

Inside Joke

In this wee clip, Mr. Allan pays a bonny tribute to a few leaders in our HollisWealth community…

Ross’ Rant

This is a shout-out to our favourite Canadian satirist, Rick Mercer…

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Latina

This is a silly reveal of “Team Latina,” one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project…

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Asian Sensation

Rachel Denroche and Chriselle Kalaw are “Team Asian Sensation,” one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project…

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Dynamic Duo

Hardeep Arreaga and Kal Sangha champion “Team Dynamic Duo” (now technically a trio with the addition of Don Anderson!), one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project…

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Jambo Squad

“Team Jambo Squad” is a father/daughter full court press, one of four staff teams competing to engage clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project…


Confusion, misconceptions, and fear are strong barriers keeping consumers from learning more about the benefits of life insurance…

Joe Who?

Ross Allan looks at two versions of “Joe Canadian:” Joe Senior and Joe Junior…

House Affordability in Vancouver

Even our videos have been affected by the real estate boom in Vancouver…


Modern times make for manic measures!…

Spenders vs. Savers

Different generations have vastly different spending habits…

Allan Financial’s “Why”

Ross Allan speaks gently about his life’s work and passion to support others with heart and expertise…