Why Us?

Here’s What Our Clients Say

About how Allan Financial helps them enjoy their lives:

Advisor Partnerships

Why Partner With Us As an Advisor?

We partner with financial advisors looking for customized life insurance solutions for their clients. Our expertise allows you to focus on your clients’ holistic financial picture.

We support you with:

  • A team of all-stars
  • Industry trends and contacts
  • Product knowledge
  • Attending client meetings (optional)
  • Policy service
  • Status updates
  • Reporting
  • An attractive commission structure

Our Culture

Why We Do What We Do

Our values inform how we interact with our clients, suppliers, partners, and community. They are:

  1. Leading with heart
  2. Stretching to change
  3. Laughing while kicking ass
  4. Being thoughtfully driven to do more
  5. Being proud of who we are and what we do

Acting Locally


The Allans have lived on Bowen Island for almost 35 years. Since the island has given us so much, we make it a priority to give back!

In 2017 we set up an endowed fund with the Bowen Island Community Foundation. The goal of the Foxglove Fund is to provide preschool bursaries for Bowen families who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Instead of the Bowen Children’s Centre needing to fundraise every year, the endowment earns interest, which is used to fund the bursary.

Listen to Danielle (Allan) Kanengoni and Suzanne Allan chat with Ann Silberman, executive director of the Bowen Children’s Centre:

You can also find Allan Financial at Bowfest every year, running events and enjoying the fun!

Thinking Globally

In 2014, we partnered with Kiva, a non-profit that connects people through microfinance to alleviate poverty. Our initial goal was to lend $250,000 to female entrepreneurs around the world. But in 2020, we hit $1 million! Kiva even interviewed Danielle about the project:


Adulting: A Series

In 2018-19 we ran a series called Adulting, aimed at helping millennials navigate their financial landscape. Our younger team members had noticed a common theme among their friends: everyone had questions about money they were too embarrassed to ask, or just didn’t know where to start.

We brought in wonderful experts to present on tax, real estate, debt, budgeting, investing, and more. They answered our questions, no matter how basic. 

We helped people prepare for their financial futures, and bridged some intergenerational gaps along the way.


Team Building

We encourage our whole team to give back, which is why we partner with Charitable Impact. Each year Allan Financial matches donations that our team members make to organizations they care about.

We’ve also enjoyed fundraising events like the Covenant House sleep out, and Special Olympics Canada’s Motionball event.