Adulting: a Series

In 2018-19, we ran the Adulting series to help millennials navigate their financial landscape.

Our goals were to alleviate financial anxiety, foster community, learn together, and build intergenerational bridges. We brought in experts to present on tax, real estate, debt and budgeting, investing, and more. They answered our questions, no matter how basic.

Take a look through the event pages here for resources and tips, photos, and more:

Adulting I: How Do I Adult?

We kicked off our series by looking at the different ways to access financial advice.

Adulting II: Investing & Budgeting

Dave Sweeney shared some wisdom with us from his career as an independent financial advisor.

Adulting III: Managing Your Money

Life is expensive! Whether you make $30,000 or $130,000 a year, it can feel like you’re constantly broke. Liz Schieck helped us reframe how we think about budgeting.

Adulting IV: Enjoy Your Life

We talked about some of those alternative investment assets you told us you were interested in learning more about. Ross Allan even made an appearance!

Adulting V: Wills & Taxes

Elizabeth Mah took some of the frustration and confusion out of doing your taxes and planning your will.

Adulting VI: Buying Real Estate

Marty Staniforth shared with us all the steps to take (and the ones to avoid!) when starting on the real estate journey.

Adulting VII: Debt & Budgeting

No one wants to be in debt. We brought Liz Schieck back to discuss how to take control of your finances and pay down your debt in a realistic way.

Adulting VIII: Investing & Financial Planning

One of our favourite experts, Dave Sweeney, came back to help us understand how we should approach investing.