26 Jun

What to Expect, Step 4: Accept!

Once you have an offer we’re all happy with, you can accept by signing on the dotted line. Congratulations! You now have life insurance. The insurance company will send you your policy and you’ve officially got yourself a contract.

We don’t just leave you here. We’ll stay in touch, checking in with you at least once a year to review your policy and send you an annual statement. We also want to make sure your life insurance continues to meet your needs over time; so please let us know of any big changes in your life – health, wealth, or otherwise (like if you move, have a kid, get married or divorced). We also always monitor what products are available on the market, so we may reach out if we find something that could better suit your needs.

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07 Jun

What to Expect, Step 3: Receive Your Offer

Once the insurance company has reviewed everything, they’ll make you an offer of insurance.

They could say you’re a “standard risk” (which means average in their eyes) or they might give you a “risk rating.” That means there’s something about your health or lifestyle they’re concerned about (might be the pickleball), and they want you to pay them more to insure that additional risk.

If their offer lines up with what we estimated, our original recommendation should be accurate. If not, we’ll re-work the numbers, or explore offers with a different insurance company. They don’t all assess things the same way.

Learn more about each step of the process by watching the full series here: