We hope you learned something new and came away feeling more confident in your adulting abilities.

After our Intro event we conducted a highly scientific survey and have based our sessions on your feedback. We brought in another one of those “experts” we had mentioned. This time we talked about one of those alternative assets – life insurance!

“But isn’t that just for when you’re over 40 and have kids?” you say. Well, you’d be surprised. Our expert Ross Allan proved that even life insurance can be funny, and showed us how it can be a tax-advantaged way to invest.

As a bonus you’ll find your glamour shots at the bottom!

We discussed things like –

  • Specifically, unlike we commonly think, insurance *isn’t* to protect the Golden Egg, it’s to protect the Goose that lays those Golden Eggs!

  • The different types of insurance that can protect the Goose.

  • Why life insurance is considered an alternative investment asset.


Our Goals

  • Alleviating financial anxiety

  • Fostering community

  • Learning together

  • Building intergenerational bridges

Adulting with Ross

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