30 Nov

Concrete Caring

Caring can be uncomfortable.

Caring can shake things up, inject passion and purpose into the workplace and transform our understanding of how corporate social responsibility can function in a small-business context.

After our team participated this Spring, I was inspired to sleep on the street alongside other CEOs.

And close to a million dollars was collectively raised for Covenant House to support homeless youth.

Leading up to the Sleep Out I was pretty scared about the prospect of spending the night on the pavement (see Ross is Sleeping on the Street on November 16!).

You can also see the impact this had on our team earlier this year – see Team Building with a Mission.

20 Nov

Life Insurance is no laughing matter

Or is it?!

Life Insurance can feel scary so the last thing you might expect to see are our clients having a blast.

We love being ahead of the curve, doing what matters most for our clients, and pioneering custom products that are in our clients’ best interests.

So when we had the opportunity to take a group of clients and their friends who they had referred to us, where else would we go but the circus?

Putting the Joy in Enjoy Your Life. ?

Thank you so much to our co-sponsors HUB Financial, SSQ Insurance and Manulife Financial who support us in these community-building experiences.