The first step in getting you insured is to get to know you – what your specific life circumstances and goals are, and how life insurance can help. Then we’ll do an application, which is totally cost and commitment-free.

We’ll recommend the life insurance company that has the best option for you. We use industry rules of thumb to figure out how much you need, and how much it’ll cost. Our team will take your details for your application.

The insurance company needs to know all about you – where you work, how much you make, your family medical history, if you smoke…what you smoke. They’ve got a lot of questions, so prepare to share! It’s important to be totally transparent at this stage, otherwise you risk jeopardizing a potential claim.

You’ll answer these questions with one of us, either over the phone or in person, which takes about 20-30 minutes. To complete your application, you’ll sign off on a bunch of documents – at this stage, your signature only means you’re asking them to consider you.

Learn more about each step of the process by watching the full series here: