Recently, I was recognized by my alma mater, Island Pacific School, for my work on the Allan Financial Kiva Project. If you want the full story, this short documentary tells it beautifully. We started in 2013 with a $25,000 loan from Allan Financial. Then, our team pitched hundreds of clients, business partners and friends to lend with us. The response was overwhelming: we reached our goal of $250,000 of impact in under two years.

I’m proud to say that as of last month, the project has seeded over $500,000 of microloans to female entrepreneurs around the world!

I’ve learned two important life lessons here:

  1. The importance of surrounding myself with people who inspire and challenge me.My family, friends, coaches, and mentors have seen things in me that I couldn’t. Time spent with these people motivates me to become a better version of myself. The team who co-founded the Kiva Project were this for me. What we accomplished together far exceeded what our individual efforts ever could have. Who are these people in your life? Write down three names. Right now. Hang out with these people!
  2. How to find ‘the sweet spot.’ That is when things I’m good at and passionate about overlap with a way to meaningfully serve others.Through the Kiva Project, I identified skills that make me ME – consulting my people from life lesson #1 whenever I felt stuck. I then developed those skills and abilities within a platform that I knew was making a positive impact. Where are these intersections for you? What inkling did you just dismiss in your mind? If you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity that fits, create one!

This project was aimed at female entrepreneurs around the world, but we are beginning to work on something very local. In fact, it might even impact your family!

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