29 Nov

House Affordability in Vancouver

Even our videos have been affected by the real estate boom in Vancouver. This clip made two years ago sound like a real deal today: only a million?! Ross Allan muses on the then, and now(ish) of risk management in the record mortgage debt culture of Vancouver. Quick, watch this now before the bubble bursts.

08 Nov


Modern times make for manic measures!  Everyone is on the way to somewhere, doing something for someone. Slowing down to take care of what counts can make all the difference. Ross Allan gets busy in this clip all in hopes of slowing you down.

01 Nov

Spenders vs. Savers

Different generations have vastly different spending habits. Ross Allan, a man of many faces, pokes fun with a few characters that personify the gap. It’s an irreverent message intended to spark you to build a secure future for your family.