13 Sep

ADULTING: A Series III – Managing Your Money

We hope you learned something new and came away feeling more confident in your adulting abilities.

After our Intro event we conducted a highly scientific survey and have based our sessions on your feedback. We brought in another one of those “experts” we had mentioned. This time it was Fee-For-Service Advisor (see the pros & cons of the sources of advise on the Adulting Intro page) Liz Schieck from the New School of Finance.

We discussed things like –

  • How to break the cycle of guilt around managing money and life.

  • What specifics Liz would have us consider to understand why we overspend, and how to banish unhappy spending from our lives.

  • Interesting pieces of overall guidance from Liz on getting our money under control, along with some thought-provoking tips & quotes.

As a bonus you’ll find your glamour shots at the bottom!


Our Goals

  • Alleviating financial anxiety

  • Fostering community

  • Learning together

  • Building intergenerational bridges

Adulting with Liz

“Budgeting is not about telling you how to spend your money. It’s about figuring out how much money you can spend without sacrificing your financial security.”

“Conventional budgets are broken – they usually have unrealistic spending targets that make you feel guilty or bad about yourself when you can’t meet them.”

“Pay off your highest interest debt first.”

“Spend money on what makes you happy.  As long as you know you can afford it … do what makes you happy!! If it doesn’t make you happy … don’t buy it.”

4 categories to consider:  Fixed Expenses, Meaningful Savings, Short Term Savings, Spending Money”

  • Fixed Expenses:  Money you must pay each month or year whether you like it or not

    • Phone bill, Cable, Rent/Mortgage, Minimum payments on Line of Credit/Visa

  • Meaningful Savings: Money set aside to increase your net worth

    • Eg.  TFSA/RRSP payments, any amount over your CC/LOC minimum payment, Long-term savings (down payment on house etc)

  • Short Term Savings: Money set aside for spikes in spending

    • Eg. Monthly savings for car/house maintenance, Christmas shopping, vet bills etc

  • Spending Money: Money left over! SPEND ON WHATEVER YOU WANT!


Image Highlights

11 Sep

Nothing can dampen community spirit!

We have roots on Bowen Island, and every year participate in the annual end of summer festival “Bowfest”.

Our team typically assists with one large field game on the day, and this year we were looking forward to manning the inflatable (!) Human Hungry Hungry Hippo game. Alas, the weather gods were not kind, and the games company insisted that it was too dangerous to offer this when the inflatable would be getting rained on.

So, we made the best of our time, catching up with friends and clients all day long. And if you happen to see one of our signature Tshirts around, let it be a reminder that NOTHING dampens our spirits!