28 Jul

Insurance Community?

We’ve been lucky to serve many families for, believe it or not, decades. There is no better way to ENJOY YOUR LIFE than in the company of people with whom you share values, geography and stories. Creating a place where these bonds can be celebrated is important. That’s why we bring together our staff, clients and strategic partners through events and our notoriously social workplace. Community is at the crux of what we do.

07 Jul

Kiva Vignettes: Meet Gulnora

We decided to share some stories from entrepreneurs requesting and receiving Kiva loans. This is where your loans go!

Meet Gulnora, an experienced farmer from a small town in Northern Tajikastan. She is 50 years old and a widowed mother of six. Losing her husband and raising her children alone has been very difficult, but Gulnora is hardworking, goal-oriented, and knows how to succeed in crop-agriculture. She is a wise woman and a permanent client of Kiva’s regional partner organization, IMON, and she has a good credit history.

She is seeking a loan to buy fertilizer, natural chemicals, seeds, etc. for making the land productive. This would improve her harvest season next year, she will use the extra earnings to provide food and clothing for her family.

(Story and picture provided by Kiva).