“You are known by the company you keep.”

Know that before your customers are satisfied, your employees must have given their all. The satisfaction that your customers talk about is largely a result of the value they get from your business, and it’s only loyal employees who can create this value.

We are fortunate to have found out early on, the value our employees are to our business. Many of you have met our two longest-term employees, Kal Sangha who has been with Allan Financial for 23 years, and Hardeep Arreaga who recently celebrated 10 years!

While our relationships evolve and grow, the fact that we continue to have such long-term ones, both internally and externally, makes what we do that much more rewarding. So to Kal and Hardeep – thank you for being a big part of that!

Here’s to carrying these relationships forward through all the stages of life.