A familiar face for you all Bowen Islanders, Megan joins our team after earning her Masters degree in behavioural neuroscience and ecology from the University of Toronto, studying – wait for it – jumping spiders!

The transition may seem like a big jump, but Megan’s analytical mind and skill-set are a perfect fit for our underwriting department. Holly interviews Megan on her first few months here as an underwriting associate.


Why here?


The Allans are kind of my second family. I’ve been best friends with Danielle and Emily for a long time, and Ross and Suzanne have been a huge part of my life growing up and continuing into adulthood. I was talking to Danielle about wanting to change what I was doing with my life, and she made the connection that Hardeep would be going on maternity leave soon, and I jumped on it! It immediately seemed like a good idea to all of us.


How’s it going So far?


I’m really enjoying learning the business, and I find moving through the underwriting process so satisfying. It’s amazing, the breadth of knowledge required to do this job, and learning the ins and outs and the nuances involved gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I’m still learning and I feel like I’ll always be learning, but that’s part of the fun. Every task is like a new problem I get to solve.


The team is also amazing. I felt like part of this family right from the beginning. There’s a strong atmosphere of support. The whole team is so willing to offer insight, and that’s been really helpful for me, being new to the industry.


Working in Yaletown has also been incredible. I’m a marathon runner, and after living in Toronto for six years … let’s just say running the seawall on my lunch break is definitely a highlight.