The real estate surge in Vancouver continues to push families to purchase their homes, condos and even live/work spaces in surrounding communities in Squamish, Bowen Island, and the Sunshine Coast. To those who relocate, there’s an excitement of making new friendships with like-minded people holding similar interests towards family life and health living. 

The facilities for sports like ice hockey, figure skating, swimming and gymnastics in the outlying communities do not have the capacity to meet the demands of their new residents, particularly in Squamish which has seen a major influx of newly married couples with young children.  

Civic leaders need to put solutions in place that don’t force a dramatic increase in property taxes or result in excessive user fees. Good listening, planning, and goal setting will be needed by all interested parties. 

The madness of the Vancouver real estate marketplace has had a positive impact on the life insurance business of which I am a part. Record high mortgages have become normalized here. So covering that good debt and the income replacement needed to keep a family stable in the case of a claim has never been more important. 

Many never dreamed they would have to move out of their beloved city… but wise financial decisions and smaller community values have never failed us. 

 What issues are you finding in your community backyard, while you enjoy your new life outside the big city? 

 Want a snicker? Check out the ‘debt worth’ client by Ross Allan. See anyone you know?