We decided to start sharing some stories from entrepreneurs requesting and receiving Kiva loans. This is where your loans go!

Meet Agnes, a smallholder farmer and mother of six from Maridadi, a village in the highlands of Kitale, Kenya. She has been mixed farming for five years and is highly respected by fellow farmers in her community. Her main sources of income are eggs, milk, and corn.

Agnes enjoys feeding and tending to her chickens, and she has always wanted to increase her poultry. Poultry farming is very profitable in the Kitale region, and she knows the market well. She believes the key to increased egg production is proper feeding and care.

Agnes is seeking a loan to buy additional poultry, taking better advantage of the market and meeting the high demand. Her vision extends beyond just selling eggs and poultry meat: she will also sell feathers which are commonly used to make earrings. She will use her increased income to improve the living conditions for herself and her family.

(Story and picture provided by Kiva).