Our Partners

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Allan Financial as Your Partner

Many advisors are licensed to sell life insurance, however, the product can be cumbersome to deliver, requiring significant administrative time and resources. We bring expertise, underwriting, administrative time and resources to your practice so that you and your clients have access to this unique and highly specialized financial product.

It is an essential consideration for those juggling mortgages, partnerships, investments, and family savings. As well, it can provide superior returns when effectively structured as an estate asset. Allan Financial helps you deliver on your client requirements without over-extending your practice resources.

Supporting Our Advisors

We recognize the significance of your relationships. Our approach to providing advisor service is supportive, respectful, informed, expert and specialized. We provide:

  • a mature, professional advisory team, current with an evolving marketplace;
  • meeting and consultation presence as desired;
  • product literature and service approach;
  • constant contact and progress updates; and
  • a superior commission structure.

Advisors’ Client Services

Allan Financial invests in its literature, client service materials and processes. We invite all advisors in our community to freely access and employ our materials.

Furthermore, we view our service processes as part of our product’s unique differentiator. In order to assist advisors in maintaining these administrative processes, we can provide routine follow-up and plan management support personalized in your name, thereby assuring our brand’s quality while respecting your practice time and resources.