27 Oct

Ross is Sleeping on the Street on November 16!

Most everyone knows that I enjoy some of the finer things in life, but on November 16th I’ll be sleeping outside on the cold Vancouver pavement.

I’ll be joining 60 other Senior Executives to experience a tiny bit of what the homeless youth in the city go through every night. We are doing this to raise funds to aid in the work of Covenant House Vancouver, where every year close to 1,200 homeless youth between the ages of 16 and 24 turn for assistance.

Please visit my Covenant House donation page to support my Sleep Out!


20 Jan

The Faces of Our Future

Why would some of our millennial staff sleep out on the streets of Vancouver with just a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard?

06 May

A Canada Life Profile of Allan Financial

We were fortunate to have one of our long term relationships – 25 years with Canada Life Insurance – highlight us in this video for their network.

If you can put up with the first 10 seconds of industry jokes, you then get a glimpse of our team and the innovative Allan Financial KIVA Project where we supported $380,000 in small loans to women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Credits to Canada Life Insurance for creating this video – thanks for Bemoved Media for some Kiva highlights.

16 Feb


Buying life insurance is often the last thing on everyone’s to do list. Or maybe you’re all covered? Maybe. Ross Allan caricatures human nature. It’s an irreverent “excuses” monologue designed to make you giggle. The message is simple: it’s time. Or at least time to get clear on if you have enough coverage. 

08 Jan

A Transparency Trend

Social Media, returning texts for appointments, a paperless office, Salesforce on mobile devices…we’ve made bold changes at Allan Financial. And all our improvements are in an effort to better serve our clients, many of whom are very digitally hip! We had to adapt to match the way our clients communicate, regardless of our old school industry.

26 Oct

It’s About Trust

With life insurance, business is personal. The disclosure process shines light into all corners of our lives. That’s why trust is at the core: we take it very seriously. You may feel your concerns are unique but after almost 30 years in the industry, Ross has heard it all. So tell us, Mr. Allan, what’s it all about…? 

19 Sep

The Debt Worth Client

Sometimes Canadians in other parts of the country don’t get Vancouverites…this clip shows one of the reasons why. Ross imitates many of his clients who are living “in the now” in one of the most expensive cites in the world. This one hits a lil’ too close to home.

14 Aug


Buying life insurance brings out the skeptic in most of us. The insurance world tends to be a place where consumers are naturally hesitant. Ross talks about the challenge of “unbundling” finances, and how the Allan Financial acquisition process can actually relieve your angst.

28 Jul

Insurance Community?

We’ve been lucky to serve many families for, believe it or not, decades. There is no better way to ENJOY YOUR LIFE than in the company of people with whom you share values, geography and stories. Creating a place where these bonds can be celebrated is important. That’s why we bring together our staff, clients and strategic partners through events and our notoriously social workplace. Community is at the crux of what we do.

01 May

Old School Insurance Ain’t Gonna Wash

Out with the old and in with the new ways of work. Ross mocks the cheesy style of an old school salesman closing a big deal in stark contrast to the modern day rapport and accountability our clients expect and deserve.

27 Apr

It’s Rewarding When…

The very personal side of life insurance for Ross Allan. After many years and partnerships this is what keeps the guy going.

07 Apr

Playoff Hockey

In his Scottish best, Ross Allan gives some colour-commentary on the state of the insurance game today. There’s a competitive edge in the marketplace and it ain’t pretty. He’s skating fast.

07 Mar

Business on Bowen Island

Ross Allan impersonates his friends, neighbours and clients… can you spot yourself? Talking about life insurance isn’t always an easy topic, so creating a comfortable environment is essential. Sometimes a bit of playful improv does the trick. 

28 Feb

Inside Joke

In this wee clip, Mr. Allan pays a bonny tribute to a few leaders in our HollisWealth community. This clip is part roast, part improv. It won’t make sense to many of you, but this clip may tickle your funny bone. He does love to tease as he tells it like it is. 

14 Feb

Ross’ Rant

This is a shout-out to our favourite Canadian satirist, Rick Mercer. In preparation for the HollisWealth My Connect conference in Halifax Oct 2014, Ross walked the streets of Yaletown to riff on our Kiva Project and the magic of social giving!

09 Jan

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Latina

This is a silly reveal of “Team Latina,” one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project. Team Latina is lending money to hardworking “empresarios” who need retail, housing and agriculture loans.

08 Jan

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Asian Sensation

Rachel Denroche and Chriselle Kalaw are “Team Asian Sensation,” one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project. Team Asian Sensation funds loans to female entrepreneurs in the retail and food services industry in Asia.

07 Jan

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Dynamic Duo

Hardeep Arreaga and Kal Sangha champion “Team Dynamic Duo”, one of four staff teams competing to enlist clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project. They have chosen to focus their endeavours on female entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

06 Jan

Allan Financial Kiva Project – Team Jambo Squad

Team Jambo Squad” is a father/daughter full court press, one of four staff teams competing to engage clients to make micro-loans as a part of the Allan Financial Kiva Project. Ross, Emily, and Danielle Allan are focused on lending money to female entrepreneurs seeking infrastructure and agriculture loans in East Africa.

13 Dec


Confusion, misconceptions, and fear are strong barriers keeping consumers from learning more about the benefits of life insurance. There is power in information and relief in knowing the real goods. Ross Allan spreads some of the gossip and misinformation for irony’s sake. Allan Financial wants to you to choose peace of mind instead. You know, so you can “Enjoy Your Life!”

06 Dec

Joe Who?

Ross Allan looks at two versions of “Joe Canadian:” Joe Senior and Joe Junior. It’s a generational gap that makes for very different approaches to money, financial planning, and managing debt! So, Joe! Which one are you? What do you do?

29 Nov

House Affordability in Vancouver

Even our videos have been affected by the real estate boom in Vancouver. This clip made two years ago sound like a real deal today: only a million?! Ross Allan muses on the then, and now(ish) of risk management in the record mortgage debt culture of Vancouver. Quick, watch this now before the bubble bursts.

08 Nov


Modern times make for manic measures!  Everyone is on the way to somewhere, doing something for someone. Slowing down to take care of what counts can make all the difference. Ross Allan gets busy in this clip all in hopes of slowing you down.

01 Nov

Spenders vs. Savers

Different generations have vastly different spending habits. Ross Allan, a man of many faces, pokes fun with a few characters that personify the gap. It’s an irreverent message intended to spark you to build a secure future for your family. 

11 Oct

Allan Financial’s “Why”

Ross Allan speaks about his life’s work and passion to support others with heart and expertise. Here’s the real motivation: the “why” behind Allan Financial. And you’ll see some beautiful pictures of the team at work too.